The World's First Healthy Baking Lab 

Located in Austin, Texas, I opened the world's first Healthy Baking Lab in 2022 to further pursue my vision of creating a sweet and healthy baking world.  At the Lab my team and I develop all of our incredible healthy baking recipes and provide hands on classes to professional chefs and home bakers.  The Lab is also a phenomenal location to hold team building events, pop-ups, and new product introductions.  If you are interested in any of these types of events please Contact Us.

I am thrilled to meet you!

Teaching is my passion and, as a classically trained pastry chef, I have had the fortune to teach baking classes to thousands of bakers all over the world during the past 25 years.

I consider myself a lifelong student and I believe that being a student makes me a better teacher. My classes are a sensory experience, and I strive to give you only the very best in ingredients, Master recipes (that I have tested over many years), I work with the best equipment, share the best techniques, my most treasured tips. I want my classes to be a life experience and seeing my students makes me so happy. My classes have helped so many bakers start their own businesses.

“I have worked with Chef Vanessa many times and they have all been phenomenal experiences. I hired her to teach a healthy baking class in my home once and it was one of the best classes I have taken! She is extremely well prepared and her execution exceeded our expectations. Her theory and recipes are perfectly aligned with the best presentation. I highly recommend her as an instructor and consultant, it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Maria Elena Torruco de Slim

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